The Deomonhatsu


Hi so this will be my K3 - VE2 to a L700 conversion, the car has been aptly named by my mates.

The car in question

Engine comes from the Granny Apple

The progress so far is that me and my mate have stripped the sirion and are ready to drop the engine soon, hopefully all goes well, its our first project of this scale.

Also we couldn’t find some bolts/screws to take out the dash any advice would be great.

Next thing we will do is take out all the electronics before we swap and take out the fuel pump. Any advice is welcome since this will also be a auto to manual conversion.

K3 - VE2 L700 conversion

I did this a while ago and it is a long tedious job removing and labelling all the wiring.


Wow that is one clean looking l701! Good luck with the conversion, I plan to do this also in the future, so looking forward to how this one comes out :slight_smile: