L251 Wiring Diagram?


I’m chasing some info on L251 wiring diagrams, specifically the ECU and immobiliser circuits for a motor swap.
I’ve had a reasonably decent search online, so far I’ve found a bunch of bogus websites and a German workshop manual.
It also looks like no one really uses L251 as a donor for EJ-DE swap, looks like mostly Sirion and L700, info on conversion from L251 seems to be thin on the ground.

any help would be appreciated.


You might have to pioneer things here.



sorry, haven’t been able to find anything apart from what is already here, you might just have to use google translate on the german manual. toyota dumped a hel of a lot of daihatsu related parts and manuals a few years after totally buying them :frowning:


Printed off the whole wiring diagram section of the manual, all 260 pages of it.
Now off to tranlating what’s relevant.


At had a bit of a look and it seems the immobiliser isn’t connected to the ecu, no interfacing.
I’ve figured out most of the wiring, going to jerry rig it up and start it on the bench


might have to recheck that, on the M100 and L700 wiring diagrams, the immobiliser hooks up to pin 12 which also goes to the diagnosis plug


Hmm I’ll have to have another look then. When i pulled the car apart there was only one single plug with 6 wires on the engine loom that interfaces or connects with the body loom.

So far with in that plug I’ve figured out, oil light, water temp, charge light, earth, there is one labeled as electric powersteering and one I can’t quite figure out, it’s connected to the ignition coils so I’m assuming it’s power or ignition.


Immobilizer is called wegfahrsperre in german. If you need help with translations give me a shout