Hi new here from Sydney


Hey guys i got a L700 2001 and fell in love :grin:.


Welcome! Very clean L7 you got there!


welcome mate and oh wow that is avery nice and clean L7


Thanks guys, yeah got it cheap off a guy who barely drove it. Just put on some new 14" rims too.


Nice. What kind of rims?


Welcome :smiley: you sound like youโ€™re about to catch the bug lol.


not sure to be honest some but they have way to big tires that i need to replace ill post some pics if i can get some light tonight.


yeah i have had the car for a couple of months and feel the need for some more power since its a auto, Iโ€™m getting more and more interested in a K3 swap.


Yes welcome. Great little car that looks really straight.


Hey mate got pictures of the rims just need to get smaller tyers, waiting on my tax return.