Front sway bar for Move


Hey guys, was trying to install the sway bar on my Move today. I wasn’t able to get replacement Move lower control arms, so have had to use L2 ones. L2 ones have the sway bar mounts closer together and have heard that other have used a ratchet strap to install the Move sway bar on L2s. Unfortunately my ratchet strap wasn’t strong enough to get the bar in.
However, after struggling and failing to leg press it in, I realised that having it mounted in the L2 control arms will stiffen it up, which is the opposite of what I want.
So, here is my thinking, if I replace it with a softer sway bar from an L2 or L5 coupled with the slightly stiffer springs that are on it now it would hopefully be around the same as stock front roll/stiffness?


I dont have an informative reply but am looking forward to answer’s from more versed in the answer to your question.


I’d be keen to swap you a standard l200 one for a move one if you were keen


I might take you up on that. I’ll let you know :+1:t2: