Fresh meat


Hi, I’m Sarah. I have a 1991 G102 with the heart of an F2 1.5 and a side of some applesauce upgrades. If I’ve posted this to the wrong spot, sorry/not sorry… I have NFI ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Hi Sarah welcome, chuck up some pics.


Welcome Sarah. If you can share some images of the G102 that would be great. Glad to have you join us.



Hi Sarah welcome to the forum. Looks like a nice g102 you have there. Just asking is this going to the track day in October or do I have the wrong person?


You have the right person :slight_smile:


Awesome I am looking forward to seeing the competition between you and Adam :slight_smile:


There probably won’t be much competition, his is manual, mine is auto :nauseated_face:


well competition with other’s then lol I’m sure most will be quicker than me in the move, but i do hope to give some of those carby mira’s a run. :slight_smile:


Shall be a hoot regardless!! So keen :grin: