EJ-DE ecu question


Question about the non immobiliser ecu in an EJ-DE, Does it store fault codes?
My check engine light comes on fairly often when engine has warmed up, sometimes goes away but more often than not stays on, no power loss so i think temp or thermo fan sensor. Just wanting to know if the light needs to be on to check codes or will the light flash due to code stored?


I believe not. I think it is read only and cannot write back to store errors. The diagnostic function is “live faults”.


Funnily enough Dale, I get the same thing in my EJ Move. I wonder if it’s something to do with the swap that causes it. I too get no change in how the car drives, but, I think it might be a bit rich. My fan turns on at the right times, so can only assume that mine is due to the temp sensor?


@b_hoves i had to hard wire my fan as it wouldn’t cut in :frowning:
Tried to check but the car has the original EF diagnostic port, nothing happened so not sure if it’s wired up correctly, one day will check ecu wiring fully and see what i can figure out


I doubt my diagnostic port works either. Considering my fan kicks in I wonder if it’s another sensor causing my issues. But, the warning light comes on only when warm/hot and will sometimes go off just like yours. Weird.