Daihatsu move oil coming out of oil cap anyone got any ideas


Blocked or ineffective PCV. Check block and head ventilation. You could perhaps pull the dipstick out and it might stop coming from the cap but start coming from the dipstick. Let us know how you go?


The rocker cover doesnt seem to have pcv on there there is a side pipe from block to air box


common issue get another small pices of rubber to put under it to seal it


As in an extra cap gasket?


yes as an extra cap gasket. Sorry i was a bit vague there


I did bud but after 20 k drive when i removed cap had quite bit of pressure released so trying to figure how to cleane egr in airbox i think its blocked as when i got car was only running 2 cylinders plugs were gunked up


Is the inlet manifold internally coated in oil? How many K on the engine? Does it seem to use any oil?


260 k doesnt burn oil or smoke i took side inlet crankcase vent hose of and didnt seem to have any pressure under oilcap then


See if the vent hose is blocked? Mine was so caked with oil sludge when I got my Move.