Daihatsu Sirion K3VE2 Engine


My Daihatsu Sirion K3VE2 Single Throttle Engine

Hello Guys, I started to build a K3VE2 Motorsport Engine for my racecar. The reason why I choose this engine is, I drove it 4 years in a Autocross Youth Class her in Germany and was very successful with this kind of engine, I got two german championship titles with the car and now I want to give this engine a new evolution step. My aim is to get 140hp out of this motor.

So I started to prepare the head of the engine, but the head seems very good so I didn’t had to do many changes to the head. I only prepared the air flow a little bit. So here is my first question. I can get a camshaft with more than 8.5mm stroke, but this is too hard for the springs, so I need to get other springs to drive with more stroke, but for the K3VE2 Engine I can’t find other springs. I would appreciate if someone has a good solution for me.

So now I stopped working on the head and started with the block, after some searches and good information’s from Mick I found some high compression pistons (goes up to 12,5 : 1) and bought them from Piston Shop on Facebook. The shop showed me that he has an 4-2-1 header too, so I bought both parts and hope they will arrive soon. The block is stock, stock crankshaft and stock rods. I only removed 6/100 on the block, because it was a little bit skew.

Now it’s time for you guys. I got some questions. Someone did this to the K3VE2 engine too? I need an intake for the single throttle system and I need other valve springs too, so if someone can help me please just write a message to me. I would appreciate this very much.


Maybe @Mr_Gormsby knows where you can find some valve springs?


OMG freaking epic, keen to see the progress!


Need to know the details. Factory ID, OD, free length, compressed length. I just bought a set of Ferrera. For 16 you are looking at around $500us.


This would be pretty nice, can you send me a message and then I will write you the facts.