Daihatsu Rally cars


Might put a sprinkling of Daihatsu rally projects in here. While not specifically “a one car build”, I will seek to find some info on serious rally builds to put here. Would be good to find some info in the Group B Charade, especially on “the build” of it (if I can find that I’ll put it up with its own topic so easy to find. Please add if you find anything.


there has been a few daihatsu rally guys in the past on daiforum but not really many now. 2 guys also competed at gatton sprints this year and one of them won (or atleast his class) from memory.


Да, я бы очень хотел увидеть что-то подходящее для ралли

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Wayne Morton on facebook has the last remaining Documented Factory DeTomaso Rally Car, he uses it for rallies around QLD


The Detomaso 1600cc - Driver Matt Davidson Navigator Alan Stean - Qld Australia


Running next week at Jimna Qld Austraila, Matt’s Charade in the Future Auto Test and Tune

Facebok page for his team https://www.facebook.com/Davidson-Rallysport-942905055785387/

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Met these guys today at a rallysprint i was photographing. Fitted with a HD and applause suspension and brakes, was NSW champion in their class last year


Bugger me I want them wheels :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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He’s got a few sets. Not cheap new. But a nice wheel - good aero and brake cooling.


Do they come in 16s?:joy:


Not sure, but probably. Won’t be common. 16" is a uncommon size rally tire as most are 15" so few people run the larger sizes. As such there won’t be much around “used”. New listing shows Compomotive have a similar rim still but only 18"


Good luck i’ve been searching for a set for awhile, or some ozracing one’s.


There are 17s new for 550 each :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. Doesnt look like there’s any 16s or even available for custom orders…


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I should have said second hand lol. Way to dear for me.


Matt’s are Compomotive. I have a set of Oz Racing for my Subaru - track day only. 17 x 7.5 are near on 5.5kg each, damn light for that size. Nice wheels alright.

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KoKo Lisle


I find myself more and more wanting to get a one of these L251s and turn it into a track car.

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Rally sprint L700. Go to 3min 30sec