2003 Daihatsu Copen


My daily in a Copen. I have owned it now for about 2 months give or take. It is a head turner thats for sure. James and I have at least a few comments a week when out and about.
I brought my Copen with the body kit, which makes the body look so much better. Being black, it does need a regular wash, it just shows up everything.
As most would already know, it is a turbo stock standard and because of this it makes for a super fun drive. As for power… I myself find that it does lack. So we are looking at changing the motor to a K3 (K3vet) in the future.
But for now, just keeping it all stock/as I brought it till a later date…




Brought a new knob for it!



Gearknob looks the goods, are you leaving the exhaust pipe plastic cover silver?


Good question and one I hadnt thought much of till now, how cool would that look in red???


James and I picked up a K3 motor, it needs money spent and lots of work. Something we can take our time doing.
For now, I started by taking off the gear box and gave it a good clean, and I took off the intake manifold.
In the next week or so, I will clean the motor as its currently black with lots of ***** all over it. So might as well get it cleaned while there isn’t much else to do with it.
I must say tho, even tho it was something so small and would be nothing for most people, I really enjoyed cleaning the gear box, just getting hands on with the motor that will in future be in my Copen was a special little moment, as well as taking it apart a bit. It was a zen moment and I enjoyed every bit of it, even the stubborn bolts.


Sounds like the bug has bitten well and truly hard​:joy::joy::joy:nothing compares to the satisfaction of getting one’s hands dirty while working on one’s pride and joy. For the silver part around exhaust i would suggest getting a few pics from different angles and photoshopping the red over it first just to see if you like it, sometimes can have too much of a good thing.


Great advice
Ill ask my friend to do some photoshopping for me :slight_smile:


I have heard the k3 copens really get moving. Really interested in seeing what you think of the end result


We will let you know :blush:


Thought I would do a small update as Evilroad hasn’t. A few weeks ago we were going to a drift event and sitting stationary in traffic when a guy in a new camry decided he would either do a u-turn or jump in que into the traffic from a driveway and boom. he ran straight into our rear 1/4 on drivers side.

It seems he didn’t see the copen sitting in the exact spot he wanted or was going for. He admitted fault at the scene and admitted he had a blind spot on which he couldn’t see and thats where we were apparently.
After a few stressful days of trying to follow him up with his insurance and trying to follow up on the insurance company it finally went ahead and the car went in for assessment . They are paying for parts and repairs. They are not sure if they can get parts ( they have to be new) If they cant we will get paid out and the car is still ours.
The car is booked in for the end of next month due to the shops paint booth breaking down and probably having to get parts from Japan. So for now all plans are on the back burner until we find out what is going to happen.


I’m glad the insurance side has been sorted and you will be covered. Sucks about the time frame. Hope it’s a quick turn around once work starts.


yeh I’m half expecting we will get a payout even though its booked in. As he has to replace the broken bits of the body kit too and I think its an all in one kit and also rear wing as I think he is trying to get a new boot also so a new wing is needed also as boot is aluminium and looks like the wing was sika flexed on so he isnt even sure how he would get it off without damage. But will wait n see. It just sits at home until they need it .


What’s the plan if you get a payout?


fix it with parts from wreckers.


So finally after waiting over 2 months the copen is now booked in next week to be fixed. (lets hope they have parts this time.
With this in mind it was slightly overdue for a oil and oil filter so I decided to do that and ended up putting in a slightly larger intercooler using one I previously have used. I have a bigger one than the one pictured below which was the one I want to put in but it was slightly too big. As for piping I just made do with what I had at home. Sure it dont look real pretty but the idea was to try and get cooler air coming in as heat soak is terrible with the copen. After a 20-30 min drive ( After warming the car to temp) It did feel slightly cooler than what it normally does but in future I would like to get a better suited intercooler and route from IC ti TB completely different as going across the top of the engine is just counter productive in the first place. I do reall think ots a bad design floor with the copen engine bay.
Here is a pic of the new current set up and the size difference between the intercooler’s. Keep in mind however that the copen intercooler is slightly thicker also.