YRV 130 Turbo manual swap


Hi folks,
so after a year of owning a L700 Mira, an opportunity has arisen to get him a bigger brother. Does that make me an enthusiast now or what :smile:

Anyway, it’s a Daihatsu YRV turbo, with 180k km’s on the clock, imported from Switzerland and registered in CZ by the previous (2nd) owner, has a full service history, and is in a really good shape overall.

Naturally it comes with all the bells and whistles (power mirrors and windows F+R, AC, F+R fog lights, panoramic sunroof, remote central locking, 15in alloys + a set of winter steelies, and of course that mighty K3-VET :blush: )

I bought the car for what would be approx. 1000 AUD

Sorry for the picture quality, i will take better ones later on.

The car has a fresh MOT and had a recent service done that included all new filters and fluids, new brake pads, new cv joint boots etc.

And now for the not so good things:

  • The auto trans is fubar
  • driver window switch will need replacing
  • rear bumper has some scratches from parking
  • will need a thorough cleanup inside & out

My main mission right away will be to do a auto/manual swap, but I’m unsure about some things:

What parts will i need to perform the swap (or don’t) apart from these?

  • Flywheel / Clutch / release and spigot bearing from a manual car
  • Transmission / pedal box / clutch cable
  • All the tranny sensors ( reverse, neutral, speedo?)
  • Shifter + shifter linkage
  • Any wiring?

I guess the OEM clutch for the NA 1.3’s will not handle the torque of the turbo one? So will need an upgraded one?

I should be getting all the parts off of a regular 1.3 YRV so should fit right away, or is some chopping required?

I’m looking forward to sharing this build here as well as all the comments from you lot :blush:


Very nice mate, i know a couple of guys on the daihatsu performance facebook page have completed that swap, they should be able to help you out. Unfortunately we never got that model down here.


Unfortunately Eddie it’s going to be hard to avoid this with all that torque of the vet, it’s the reason Daihatsu didn’t offer the manual option for the yrv turbo, 3rd gear will fail eventually.


ouch, that looks painful, will keep in mind to be nice to 3rd gear :mask:


Oh and thanks for the link, will deffo check that out.


i’ve done it too. msg me if you get stuck and ill try explain :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the hardest part is probably making the hole in firewall to feed the clutch through
or otherwise put the engine into the L7 :wink:

have fun!


Thanks man, will hit you up if I get stuck. I plan to take all the parts off the spares car myself so I can take pictures and measure everything. Let’s hope everything goes smooth and I don’t break anything :smiley: