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What do we do?
We have many contacts in Malaysia who can track down your wanted Daihatsu parts! We specialise in Mira models as they are the most popular in Malaysia

What can we get?
Lowering springs - $250 our most popular item
Coilovers - usually $650 for all Mira models with higher end models available
Induction kits starting from 150
Turbo kits including SAFC piggyback ECU
Manifolds - intake and exhaust
Ultra racing braces - sick of paying through the roof from local distributors? Pay Malaysian prices with us
Brand new engine mounts, strut tops etc from Perodua in Malaysia
Tachometer factory dashes
Short shifters
Plus many, many more
Basically anything “aftermarket” we can get


Hi there

I have had my friend message you on Facebook since I don’t have an account.

I’m after struts top mounts ASAP and a number of other mods in the coming months.

I wondered if you could confirm that you’re still active and maybe DM contact details so I can contact your directly instead of through someone else’s Facebook.

Let me know



sorry Mark this is an old post of Tom’s He has since left the forum. He is also not a memeber of livetodai on facebook as the facebook admin team decided it was best he wasn’t in the group as to many complaints were coming in in regards to his business dealings and or products being faulty. Even though the issue’s were between himself and his customer’s, we were the ones getting complaint’s which then made it our problem. It was not a decision that was made lightly and was discussed and decided that the best option was to remove him from the facebook group. Since there was no complaints here we did not remove him from here but after a while he removed himself. He does have another L7 group on facebook however I don’t know the details and you not having an account it maybe best to wait and see if he responds to your friends message.
Good luck


Cheers James. Makes sense since a business like this is quite desirable if you have an old Daihatsu.

Do we know or use anyone else? I’m told that new strut mounts are run of the mill over in Malaysia but I cannot find them anywhere. About to post a WTB ad. Very frustrating as both of mine at ruined and it should be an inexpensive item yet I cannot land them.

Thank again


Look on www.mudah.com.my


copen strut tops are the same from what I know from other member’s saying so you could try getting those. There are many Japanese importer’s also these days like import munky, import monster, Jesse streeter and many more. Or you can try some of the malaysian sight’s and see if they will post. I have had varied success in the past with that. I have bought springs of ebay malaysia and I got a clutch off a shop that no longer sells Daihatsu stuff.
Oh while writing this I just remembered a guy from Coffs Harbour! His Name is Kugan he is Malaysian and advertised in the L2D group on facebook being able to get parts from malaysia. I have personally bought an engine off him and that was about 3 years ago and the engine is still good, but it wasn’t imported.
You could try him. I will put his website below. I would suggest sending a messaging him and seeing if he can help.



Can also try this website and if you find what you want you have to message for a price.

oh also when you search for Perodua Kelisa for L700’s , Perodua Kancil for L200, Perdua Kenari for move’s, cant remember other’s off hand


WOW this just opened up some possibilities … searching Kancil is showing many interesting results.

Hopefully if the copen will fit I can get brand new inside Australia.

Thanks guys


Hey man,

I’ve found this site and it shows lots of interesting stuff.
It seems that I message people on here regarding postage to Australia and get no response.

I will keep trying. Stuff there is so good.



Import monster are way to expensive in my opinion. Unless its insanely rare I dont want to pay 3 times for the same thing.

Are the others you mentioned the same type of setup or do they work differently?

I can seem to find Munky imports anywhere… have you got a link?

I’ve messaged theracecartel. Thanks.

When I look around at strut tops often pictures of the later models L7s and Copens have 3 bolts coming through the body. Any idea if this is actually true?


the l880 copens 2003/2004 dont have 3 3 bolt holes. I would take a pic but we just recently sold our copen. The L700’s in australia as far as I know only have 2 bolt holes also.
Seems I had the spelling wrong for import Monky. lol