What are people playing?


what games do people play? having a lower end laptop, i am playing Battlefield 2 and Soldier of Fortune 2 and play single player Minecraft :slight_smile:


I just play Ultra Street Fighter 4

Nothing else…


Forza Motorsport 6, Forza Horizon 3, World Of Tanks on Xbox One




Team fortress 2 is what i play, runs well on lower end PCs


Haven’t played TF2 for a few years now, was playing loadout by same people but has since shut down :frowning:


I have xbox one dont really play much have a few games Live runs out soon and haven’t got the luxury cash atm to renew it. I was palying age of empires on pc through xbox live too but got bored of it recently.

Last year I was super excited and got elite dangerous on the xbox and I used to play elite on commodore 64 for a long time back in the day. I should have got a good pc and played elite dangerous on pc instead as I cant get used to controller for that game.

I do prefer pc play but refuse to wreck anymore laptops with gaming and yes I should get a desktop but but I like sitting on the couch lol.


i have ps4 and no games. i want the best racing game available but forza is on xbox :frowning: anything good on ps4?


Gran Tourismo, far better than forza


Is there a gran tourismo on ps4 yet?


I’ve been banned from playing games from the missus due to baby.

She allows me to work on my cars… so fair trade.


Foraza you can ls swap a datto 1600 tho.



Its on pre order, looks amazing tbh


Wow yeah that looks nice man!
My favorite one was GT4 so far


My computer is to old for games and i’m to old for consoles and my kids kick me off anyway lol.


Assetto corsa is my racing game of choice.


I’m now back on Minceraft for Xbox one


Nice, i play a bit on pc :slight_smile: