The green cuore (l700)


Hi everyone,

After a few days enjoying the cuore ive thought over some plans for dexter the cuore.
I plan to keep the car road worthy though, as it is my daily car and need it for my daily commute during the summer. So no big changes will happen during the summer.
But the plans for the summer are,

  • help the car get over his fear of heights by lowering it with lowered springs(30mm).
  • fix small dents.
  • fix all easy to find rust.
  • get it alligned.
  • find a small subtle spoiler.
    -adding window deflectors

I hope some of these mods will improve the handling of the car a bit more. I have to say some parts are really hard to get here in the Netherlands sadly.

Dexter currently looks like this:

It has stock parking sensors (not very usefull though).
Central locking.
And no power steering.

In the winter im planning to fix some of the bigger problems like the paint. And some bad rust spots in the wheel wells and rear arches. I dont need the car in the winter so i can store it for a bit longer in the garage.

Bad spot, previous owner “fixed” it with hamerite green :joy::

Other then fixing the rust and paint i also want to change:

  • upgrade brakes.
  • put on some 14" inch rims with a bit wider tires than stock.
  • maintenance to the engine.
  • moar powar mods? (Brakes and wheels first)
  • research handling mods.

Im not sure what to do with the engine yet. It already has enough power in the first three gears. But feels lacking power in 4th and 5th gear though.
But for now handling and safety is the number one priority for me.
Also im afraid i have to do a lot of engine mods myself and considering buying a spare engine to expirement on first as i dont have a lot of in depth technical engine knowledge. I can bolt things down. And follow manuals pretty well though haha.

I would like some feedback on the mods im going to do such as the lowering. And how much does it increase handling with lowering springs and stock dampers? And what can i do to improve handling even more?

I keep you all posted on the progress :slight_smile:


Number one for handling is std rate front springs and double or even triple the rear rate. Koni front struts and rear shocks, even just the ordinary reds would be a good thing. Don’t go so low that the front control arms point towards the sky. Keep them so they go about level with a tiny bit of travel. One and half or even two degrees of negative camber. To add castor go through my build and see how to do it.


Added the window deflectors yesterday, brand is climair. Must say great quality

Here is how they look

Also thanks mr gormsby for the useful tips :slight_smile:


Found a cheap front bumper of an older l700 going to experiment with these ones with some fiberglass.
In the meanwhile the car is getting some tiny bits of love. and with the winter approaching getting ready for some bigger tasks to do on the car like fixing up the rear wheel wells and arches. and replacing the front brakes for some M100 ones. Im afraid the car is going to have a complete respray. but i will do that after all body repair work is done :slight_smile:


Soo im having some issues lately with the car. The biggest issue is that my fuel tank is getting a vacuum. (It makes a really loud sucking noise when opening the fuel cap) Anyone has a pointer in the right direction? Or encountered this problem aswel?


Both my cars do that. Have not considered it a problem.


Its also hard to put some gas in it haha, but the cuore stutters sometimes when the tank is around 1/4 full and i thought it could be the issue as my sparkplugs injectors etc are all clean.


My one makes the same also have not found it to be a issue.