My Charade g200 Project

Back in March i got my first Daihatsu and I’m loving it to bits.

Now I’ve been aching to do mods to it. at first i planned on buying new wheels to make it look a lot better but i stumbled upon a Daihatsu applause in Germany. The outside is trashed but the engine is fine and the price was right… the perfect donor car! I ended up buying it. gonna tear it apart as time goes on.

It came on some aluminum wheels, i test fitted one and i like how they look but, they just need some thicker tires and I’m gonna have to lower the car . That’s for another time however, gonna focus on the engine first.!


Some question’s I’ve still got,

  • how much RPM will i run with the 1.6?
  • I’ve seen somebody put the 1.6 gears into the 1.3 gearbox, anybody else got experience with this?

Nice looking car and sorry I have no answers for your questions.

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think the 1.6 has a 6800rpm limit

I was advised to use 1.3 ecu with 1.6 engine on the same swap, as it has higher fuel cut (around 7200ish? Not sure) and has better high rpm power instead of low-end torque of an Applesauce. My Charade is being swapped at the moment, I will let you know how it works when finished.


Good luck and thanks for the info! I’m currently stripping my applause to take the engine out. Are you keeping your charade gearbox stock?

Yes, I’m keeping my Charade gearbox as its a 4wd model. I think even with fwd you should go with Charade tranny, as probably Applesauce one has different fittings etc.