Little tidy whitey


Hey all most already know this car but it’s my nice little L201 that started it’s life with a ed10. It now has a great combo that makes it efi. A fair amount of work has gone into this car and I am keeping it stock on the out side for that sleeper status. You can find all the up to date photos below. <- engine bay photo wouldn’t upload for a weird reason.

f you have any questions feel free to ask.


love this little thing.
Goes well looks and sounds good.
Do you have any plans on making it turbo at all?
Also I want to see something old too like someone’s granny.
Hasn’t that Dan guy got some sort of older floral daihatsu?


So a little update it’s boosted and running 8 psi for now. i need to upgrade injectors and swap out my stock fuel pump with the walbro 255 to stop my leaning out problem.


staying with the sleeper look.


the gauges. trying to match them all “white” faced.


Turbo first start up video




22095884_1495244877224830_2089952445913592933_o (1)


Trxx rear bar,skirts,bonnet. waiting on a trxx rear wing and i have to hunt down a front bar. safe to say my dream is coming along great. i’ve converted to a top mount intercooler also.


older video


bigger injector rev :slight_smile:


A simple top mount intercooler mocked up using a factory Ef-Det topmount. i have been struggling to get stuff to fit under the bonnet due to it sitting on the ed10 block :frowning:


Heat wrap over the charge pipes to help manage heat soak
IMG_5272 copy copy


raw audio exhaust clips


I re wired the rear bar lights to work and mounted my front bar for the first time in months :slight_smile:


after months of not having a way to fully lock my bonnet down i have a new rad support and latch. i had to weld on a new tab on the bottom bar to brace it and cut out a section for the turbo wastegate actuator and make room for the bigger radiator tank but it’s very strong :slight_smile: i added some gold also to spice things up. looks pretty good don’t cha think?



the wing arrived today <3 it completes the rear end


lookin good Mr Luke. Needs stock daihatsu alloy rims now. :slight_smile:


After months of putting it off i’ve cleaned up all my extra wires.


mocked up the new turbo intake.