Little 4 door centro


Picked up a cheap little 4 door centro.
Grubby seats and a few small dings but over all not to bad.
It’s auto tho. I wanna do a manual conversion and put my ej-de in it but for now I’ll change the head gasket and see if she runs the way she is for a bit.
I need another car to drive when the l700 is in bits and visa versa with this one I guess.



have purchased a boss kit, and sparco wheel. sourced a catch can from work and have since found a trxx ef-jl box with lsd i’m told. looks like its out with the auto and the ef-el all together now.


OOOO LSD Scored Well :smiley:


nice score dude does it have ef/ef engine or the efgl?


It has the Ef-el 12v efi auto in it.

So I am hoping this is lsd(both shafts turn forwards if turn one by hand), I’m also hoping this box is in awesome condition. I’ve had no gearbox/clutch luck yet with daihatsu.


aswome centro man cant seem to find any for sale myself interested in buy one some day .also intersted in maybe purchasing auto if for sale at some point in time to convert my l200 4 door .just did first trip tonight in it 380kms on half tank amazing


welll its been a long time between posts lol. ive since sold this red l500 and bought another red l500 lol.
this one however is in good working order except for the gearbox. hopefully this weekend ill pull it out and see whats wrong with it.


What are the g box problem symptoms?


Haven’t driven it to be honest. But the guy I grabbed it from has said it dropped all the gearbox fluid and will drive but sort of slip really bad. I will drive it tomorrow morning and have a good suss and if need be pull the box out. But tomorrow is going to be hot so I may tap out. The previous owner thinks the diff or transfer case is stripped??


stripped gears or tearing the centre out of the diff will mean no drive at all. Could be noisy. Hope it is dud clutch.


So I managed to have. Quick look over a very busy weekend. It’s weird. Feel a like a shagged clutch. But no gearbox oil. I’m hoping it’s just have a cv jump out or something. Either way if the box comes out do clutch so I’ll order one tomorrow and start to pull it down tomorrow for more.


so for anyone still playing, i managed to get a 850 box last night. will throw it on this weekend. the cable boxes are alot more difficult than the push rod type on the ej i feel.
but im excited to drive it. when i dumped the gearbox oil it was damn full of gear teeth lol. guess its a bin job or another garden ornament untill i need parts.
now its time to start looking at coilovers and book it in for the firs hill climb to get a base time before we start to modify the engine.


Ok I need help. I’ve posted on the fb gage also.
I have successfully installed the 850cc 4 speed box.
There were a few differences.
Firstly the end plate on the gearbox where what I assume is overdrive gear is missing which ment I had to make up a spacer bracket to fit the gearbox engine mount.
This was no issue. From there everything except the starter motor bolted in fine.
The starter motor doesn’t want to turn over if it’s fastened up tight? But I can source a 4 speed starter I’m sure.
The issue lies in that I cannot find R gear and the gear stick sits right over where my leg is. It’s almost undrivable.
Can anyone at all shed any light on this?
Do I need to adjust cables?
Do I need to find a 4 speed shifter?
Do I need 4 speed shifter cables?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


for anyone playing at home…
the 4 speed didnt work, i even went and got a 4 speed shifter and linkage but for some reson i couldnt grab reverse… it all became to much. so i went and got a gearbox from gumtree with a stuck cv boot.
now this in itself seemed like a very small issue. little did i know.
in the end i took the box to cv services on deloraine ave and they got it out with the help of a press and some surgical precision.
however success. tonight will be the first time i drive this little red sucker.
im pretty excited.
anyways i donated my old gearboxes and 4 speed to the greater dai community.
ill get some pics up shortly to keep the thread interesting.