L700 oil useage


Hi all
Well I have had my 1999 Handi for a couple of months and am very pleased with the vehicle. I did an oil change at 49800k. Now coming up to 53000k. I always check the dipstick every third time I drive the little beastie . I topped it up at 52600 and it took about 300ml. I am just running this by the “gurus” and ask is this an ok amount


300ml could be okay if driven hard. Any oil in the inlet manifold or intake?


My Cuore has done 209,000km and I did the last 3000km oil change around 208,000. When I let it drain for a few hours onto a bucket, there was only 300ml left in the bucket :scream::scream:


Is there any oil inside the air cleaner or in the throttle body?


It does have a small amount of blowby hence the vacuum hose to the intake, but no oil in the air cleaner as the vacuum hose is connected after the filter.