L200 wheels offsets and shiz


I found this on the old forum but couldn’t find anything here

What wheels and offsets will fit on an l200?

I have 14x6 +40, I was going to fit 165/60 on them but am worried that they will rub and I would need to roll my guards.

I was looking at 14x5.5 +45 and was wondering would these fit the L2?

Can I fit the 14*6 without any rubbing?
This will be on 4x100 conversion from a sirion.



I would say no, esp since you won’t find a tire to fit under that goes on a 14x6. +38 in a “to +35 in a " with 175/50/13 and will need to roll the rear edge up “baseball bat style” flaring tool. I’ve run 14” BMW coke bottle cap style 5.5" with 175/55 on the front but they rubbed all over the place. Rear was a no go and rubbed enough to lock wheels at times.

I’ve gone 195/50/15 but have tubed everything.



Shit, so I guess I gotta go 14x5 which should just clear it.

Thanks again @Mr_Gormsby


Ask a few others as to what is popular in a 14" tire. 14" x 5.5" should be the most common size and I’d stick with those in an alloy. The real problem is tires sizes. If you could get a 50 series profile in a 175 or 185 you’d be right.


I have 155/55/14r tyres on my move i cant remember the offset from memory but at a guess it is +38 or +35. and they are a 6 inch rim. mY guards have been flared for some previous wheels I had but it wouldnt take much to flair standard guards out just a touch for fitment. I have also has sirion series 1 wheels (+40) on a mira which were 14x5 with the same 155 tyres. Just an fyi the federal formoza’s I have got are about $70-%80 a tyre in that size. (I am getting 1 replaced today as I got a bad puncture. Here is a pic of the mira with the sirion wheels on it and it was on low king springs also.

Going byt that you may need a little massage on guards but not alot.


I can get 165/60/14, that would be the minimum size I can fit on a 5.5 wide rim.

I was thinking if 5.5 fit I’ll grab a set of na6 rims

Those sirion wheels look massive for some reason to me, did you have any rubbing issues in that size


no rubbing issues here is some 14x6 on my move


That looks good!

I can see where it flares a bit.

I would really like to fit rims without having to roll the guards. From what you and Mr Gormsby suggested, 5.5 +40 offset should fit, stretching 165s shouldnt rub but we see how it goes


155/55R14 is perfect size. for a mira. now stupidly offset wheels would be a problem with any car.


These were the wheels I had to flare them for.


Wheels are such a headache when you don’t understand, to be on the safe side I will find rims in 14x5 in a +40 to +50 offset


I have a set of series 2 sirion wheels in 14’s if interested let me know. 2 tyres are stuffed and 2 are too big but I only want $80 for them Thats even if your in the same state also lol. I’m in Laidley QLD. You can have the spare also if neededIt has a good tyre but a different size again


Thanks evilhighway but I may have found a set of jap wheels in that size, I’ll post some pictures once I get them.


all good mate :+1: