Hi im Darren from Adelaide


Hi. I have a 2004 and 1994 daihatsu in the family. Having problems with the 1994. Joined here as there is no info available. Hope to get help here. Cheers.


welcome to the forum Darren :slight_smile:

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More SA people to rival the large QLD contingent!


Welcome Darren.

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Hi Darren, welcome to the forum

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Hi Darren, Welcome!

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Thanks all. I started pulling the 94 apart today. What a fiddly time consuming job. Head gasket. One thing leads to another thing having to be removed first. I finally got the timing cover off. Will try more next weekend. I should get a workshop manual i guess.

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Workshop manuals are also on this forum, which 1994 model do you have?

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Cheers. It says a HC engine[quote=“Timmeh, post:8, topic:1841, full:true”]
Workshop manuals are also on this forum, which 1994 model do you have?


Hi Darren, I know its a little late but better late than nevr right ? Haha welcome to the forums.


Here you have the hc manual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-PaQWrh5CfBTlFnY2tnYVVyd28/view


Ok this job is driving me nuts. I have the engine mount and exhaust manifold off. Down to the crankshaft pulley now. I noticed it needs the timing belt done so that was good timing. I suppose i should do the water pump too. Im up to taking off the intake manifold but its complicated with the engine in. Can it come off with the head? Slow going learning as im going. Hope i can remember how it all goes back.


Yeah take it off virtually complete and remove it afterwards.


Finally got it off. Not looking great though. Gasket looks non existent.

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