Hi everyone

Hi guys. I have had my daihatsu mira l200 for about a year now and it has been a amazing car i have done little mods to it over the time of owning it cut springs, made new door panels and rear panels, rear wing ,side skits, front lip, and wheels but im now wanting some more power. It has the 660 efi motor in it. I have been looking in to the ej 1l swap as I have been told it’s pretty easy to do and I’ll get a far power increase with it.


HI mate welcome yes ej is an easy swap if you have basic mechanical knowledge and a bit of wiring knowledge. You should be able to find some info in here, So welcome have a look around and that is a nice clean looking mira you have :slight_smile:

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Cheers mate. Picked it up from dalby for $500 gave it a good clean up and a polish and it came up pretty good.

Okay mate I’ll have a look around and do some reading. I have found a 98 sirion for sale pretty cheap with low me a that I could pick up but I will research first to see if year models matter. Has many people done the amr500 supercharger on the ej as well?

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welcome to the forum :slight_smile: that’s a bargain you scored there :open_mouth: I own an EJ swapped L200 and am surprised at how much fun it is to drive, but haven’t really driven a 660 very much so can’t compare the two, as for the supercharger, read this thread :slight_smile: Derku's little red: Supercharged Franken-motor Mira


Welcome. The EJ is, in my opinion, the swap to do. Forced induction on an ef-el is the long route to power and just a novelty. The increased torque of an EJde was the thing I like the most about the engine. Another huge up side was doing the M100 brake swap at the same time and made a huge difference to enjoying driving it.


@Mokeman cheers mate I’ll have a look.
Other then that it’s just ecus what people are doing for them.
Using std ecu or standalone ecu.

@Mr_Gormsby yeah I have read the ej is the way to go and I have spoke to other guy with the ej swap and they love it.
Okay sweet ill have a look in to the brake swap as well.

I have used WOLF ecus but that’s with commodore and was all plug and play easy stuff


some use standard ecu’s and other’s use standalone. Personally I am using a greddy emanage blue. they are a complete pain in the backside to get working and set up and mine seems temperamental. Mine currently isnt tuned great and I need to tune it a bit more but has smoothed out the areas that a manual tune. Oh I should say this is with efel ecu and I am only using the fueling side using the fuel map and only relying on map, wideband and tps. Not controlling injector’s. I will probably learn a speeduino in future.
I got the greddy blue simply because I picked it up for $75 but there is absolutely no support for them so unless you like stuffing around and not getting the best result’s I would not recomend.