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##H-Series Engines

Daihatsu H-Series Engines

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The Daihatsu H-series engines are a range of lightweight, four-cylinder internal combustion piston engines designed and constructed by Daihatsu, which is a subsidiary of Toyota.

The engines range from 1295cc up to 1589cc (1.3L to 1.6L), and have been equipped with both Carburetors and Multi-Point Fuel Injection (MPFI).
They have cast alloy engine blocks with steel cylinder liners and alloy cylinder heads, with the cylinder heads all having four valves per cylinder, which are operated by a Single Overhead Cam (SOHC), which in turn is driven by a timing belt.
All H series engines are Naturally Aspirated.

This engine family first appeared as the HC-C in the G100 series Daihatsu Charade which entered production in 1987.

HC Series (1295cc/1.3L)

The 1295cc (1.3 L; 79.02 cu in) HC engine appeared in 1987, for the G100 Daihatsu Charade.
Engine bore x stroke is 76mm x 71.4mm, compression is 9.5:1, pistons are listed as 4mm domed.

The HC engine was built with economy and weight savings in mind, and as such there is no weight difference between a 1.3L HC powered Charade and a similarly equipped 1L CB powered Charade.
This is credited to an all alloy block and cylinder head, and hollow crankshaft and camshaft.

After an initial run, the engine was updated with Multi-Point Fuel Injection for a small increase in power.

It was also fitted to the Hijet Jumbo, J100 Terios, G200 Charade, and the Chinese Tianjin FAW Xiali.

Engine Variants (HC)

Variant Layout kW @RPM Nm
@RPM Comp Fuel Type
Chassis Notes
56kW 6500 105 5000 9.5:1 Single Carburetor
Charade G100
66kW 6500 105 5000 9.5:1 MPFI
Charade G102 Quoted as having between 44kW and 67kW.
66kW 6500 105 5000 9.5:1 MPFI Charade G112 Tagged as 4WD G100 chassis type.
67kW 6500 105 5000 9.5:1 MPFI Charade G200 Quoted as having between 62kW and 67kW.
65kW ? ? ? 9.5:1
MPFI Terios J100G
55KW ? ?
? ? MPFI Hijet S85+
Various Models of the Hijet "Jumbo" are listed as being equipped with a detuned variant of the HC-E engine.
See also:
Innocenti/Piaggio Porter equipped with a 48kw further detuned version.
Unkown Variant
? ? ? ? ? ? ? Xiali Licence produced copy of the G100 Charade built in China by Tianjin FAW.

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