H-Series Camshafts


I have 2 for sale:

1x Genuine Detomaso
1x Mild (Stage 1) regrind of a 91 G102 1.3 by Kelford Cams. Specs available - pm me.

Both $120 each including shipping to NZ or Au


Would that mild cam work in a Detomaso engine (and be of any benefit?)
I understand the standard cam is already a bit worked, so not sure if best leave as is - or not.

Also, do you have a good crank for a Detomaso?
Mine is going knockety knock.
Cheers, John (ChCh)


The regrind is very similar in spec to the Detomaso cam. Sorry I don’t have a spare HD crank.


Hi are these still available?


Yes they are - they are quite similar in specs. If you want more details (I have crank angle vs valve lift data) just let me know.


Is that $120 aud or nzd @JC050


Also any idea if the 1.3 will fit a g200 motor with dizzy?


Hi Mokeman,

I’ll happily take 120 NZ or 120 AU dollars! The cams will fit any H-Series.

I am having discussions with DonkRarri about the cams at the moment - and as he inquired first he has first option at this stage.


Hi guys im new here
I have charade g200 swaped to 1.6HD E
And im looking for detomaso camshaft to buy can some help me please im from israel
Sorry for my bad english


The detomaso cam is still relevant?


I do have another Detomaso cam in my spare motor. Unfortunately shipping to Israel costs quite a bit more, the shipping cost only will be around NZ$70. I could do the cam and shipping for NZ$180.

The Detomaso cam will work fine with the standard ECU.