Greetings from Calgary Canada


Hello Everyone,
I am really excited to be part of this community. I currently have a 92 Opti. Use it here as a winter ride. Its a nice little car that starts every time at cold weather. I do struggle finding parts. Mostly modify form whatever I can get from the junk yard. Will post more in the days to come !!


Welcome! Would love to see some pictures, we never got the Opti in Australia. I believe they are based on the L2 Mira so some stuff on here might be of assistance.


Welcome Optimus,

I second what @b_hoves said we never got them here and wou;d love to see a pic or 2. :slight_smile:


Welcome. An Opti, wow, that would really stand out here. I was last in Calgary about '94. Spent about three months through winter. Looking forward to some pics of the dai in the snow.


Its got some front end damage. Which I am planing on fixing.


What are those seats from? they look awesome with the wooden wheel! Makes the interior feel like an old school alfa or something.


oh looks awesome wish we did get them here.


The seats are vinyl. Yeah the steering is wooden and came from factory from what I hear.


My uncle had a 70s Alfa Spider with an interior like this: alfa
Just reminds me of that. Love it!


Ice racing on a frozen lake :grinning:



Love it . Never got onto the ice in a car, but we did take the quads out and I playef a heap of social ice hockey with the local kids. The cat looks fantastic and it is so good to see you enjoying it .


Very Cool. Pardon the Pun.
Daihatsu sure have a unique styling department.
Regards Whitworth