Gramps (1991 Applause Ri Sports)

Don’t mean to sound negative at all, just looking out for your nice daily. Was the timing belt done at 100k?

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Yeah it was, due for a service before I register it.

I considered picking this up and selling my gen 2 but man that front end is just not for me. Don’t even get me started on he vomit inducing Gen 3 Applesauce…

Decent buy for an unregistered Applesauce.

What was the problem with the stereo bracket in the end?

It might have been someone else’s purchase post but I said to someone that 6.5s won’t fit not th parcel shelf.

You could chuck in some angled raising spacers to fit it if you were really keen but even my 6x9s are pretty decent.

If you are doing front door speakers also, wouldn’t go over 5 inch unless you want to cut the door trims or never put the window down either.

What’s the stereo deck you put in anyway?

@ybot The stereo bracket had the plastic thing where the old radio bracket screwed into and i needed to get a screw in from behind, all done just have to wait until i have spare time to work on it.

The 6.5"s i got were free from the wreckers so nothing lost there (other than theyre some good Alpines, ill use them in my 4x4) What size speakers are stock in the front doors and how do you remove the door card to get to them?

The radio i bought is a Joying Android headunit that ive modified the launcher and apps on, heres a video of one being used

Door cards there is a small phillips head screw in the centre of the door handle bracket that comes out. The door plastic door handle and release mechanism stays on, just rotate it to clear the door card once you have enough free play. Two (maybe three) larger phillips head screws are accessible from the underside of the larger handle need to be removed, and you need to pop the plastic shroud out covering the push down door lock.

The plastic shroud clips will come out with a reasonable amount of convincing. Just be careful not to break anything beyond repair otherwise back to the wreckers if you’re lucky enough to have one nearby.

Once you get all that out, there are several large plastic clips that keep the door card in place. They won’t need as much force as the door lock clip but will pop out nicely.

The door card slides backwards to come out and forwards to go back in.

Throw up some pics just in case it’s any different to mine or previous ones

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@ybot Good steps there, i got the door card off easy and got the front passenger speaker out, its all rotten. Ill post a step-by-step with photos for future reference (dunno if this is the right spot).

I will be purchacing new speakers tomorrow and most likely install them over the weekend.

Here is a pic of my door card for reference:


Update: Got the stereo installed, just need to adjust the screen. Going to post some pics and info on how to take the door cards off etc, sorry if im in the wrong spot for this.

Took the other Applause to hillclimb, got it up on 3 wheels haha

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== Applause Ri Door Trim Removal ==

(Help from @ybot, cheers :smile:) (This is a Gen1 car, dont know if Gen2s are much different)
  1. Remove the door handle by removing the small screw holding it to the door, then detatch it from the connecting arm by lifting the rod up to unclip it. While youre here you might aswell remove the little light in the corner (already dont in the photo) with its two screws.
  1. Remove the trim surrounding the door lock, being careful not to mark the surrounding vinyl. Next to the mirror is a black plastic triangle, pull on it gently to remove it aswell (it makes removing and reinstalling the door card easier).
  1. There is three screws in the armrest/window control piece, remove them.
  1. There are several large plastic clips that keep the door card in place. They won’t need as much force as the door lock clip but will pop out nicely. Be careful not to break any clips or the door card as it may be a difficult trip to the wreckers. If you have electric windows remember to disconnect the switches before reefing the door card away!! Best trick ive found is to bring the card out on an angle with the window wound all the way down.

Alright great, you got your door card removed. While you’re here you might as well replace the possibly 30 year old speaker with something a bit more modern. They are 4" and i went with a pair of Kicker CSC4 speakers, suprising amount of bass for such a small speaker.

To do that all you need to do is unplug the existing speaker and take out the 3 screws holding the speaker sheetmetal in place, then the 4 screws holding in the speaker. The rest is pretty self-explanatory.

To re-install the door card, just follow the steps in reverse, just make sure your door handle connecting rod is in a easy acessable spot.

== Applause Headunit Replacement ==

(Pics from a Gen2 but from what i can gather a Gen1 is identical apart from some electrical connector shapes)
  1. Remove the ashtray by pressing down on the top of it and pulling it out of the way. Behind it there is a single screw, remove it.
  1. From the bottom of the surrounding trim, pull up gently until it unclips then slowly work the top clips out. Do not pull hard as the cigarette lighter and (if installed) the ashtray light will be connected and damage could be done.

  2. Optional step, Remove the cigarette lighter to make working in the area easier. This is done by either removing the black pocket below the headunit and disconnecting it but there is a easier way. Unclip the white plug on the top of the cigarette lighter and then unscrew the cigarette lighter into its individual parts, then the trim should pull away easy. Here’s what you should end up with.


Bollocks forgot to post the photos I took this morning when I gave the car a clean. :rofl:

Screw in door handle comes off

Plastic shroud surrounding door lock needs to be taken out, lifted up

Larger screws in door handle to be taken out

Door light screws taken out and light fitting unplugged

Metal clip on door handle pulled, can be done with angled pliers or small hook, a bitch to get back on

Plastic triangle as previously seen

Once all the screws are done, pop the plastic screws on the inside of the door trim and twist the door handle to clear the space and lift the trim to clear the door lock and slide backwards to pull the whole trim out

As for speakers well good luck getting anything over 5 inch in unless you want to modify the door card / trim to suit a large speaker or don’t ever want to open the window :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Gen 1 and 2 would be near identical insides, gen 3 :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face: no idea, no ones had one in the group that’s been worked on that I can recall. Or if there is there hasn’t been much info about it posted that I’ve seen.

Installed some LED headlights and in the meantime fixing the rear bit of the car (bumper, washer pump etc) ready for rego at the end of the month. Found out on my current Applause the headlight wiring is burnt out and thats why my lowbeam is fucked haha


Finally got Gramps registered, stripped the other one out so if anyone wants to buy parts for cheap (might sell the car has 1mo rego if i cant race it) feel free to pop me a DM or text me 0412914362

Saw my old car again too


Haven’t double checked the part number with the Monroe website/ catalogue but there’s a bargain for ya

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Perfect, ill keep that bookmarked for when im ready!

If anybody is looking for parts other than the drivetrain i have a whole interior worth in my spare car…

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Probably want to snap it up asap though, never know how much longer it will be that price or still in stock

Up to you if you want to risk missing out

Fair point, true. Oh by the way, do you happen to know how to take the front bumper and grille off, want to change to the 2nd gen grille but don’t know where to start haha

More bolts than I care to remember.

The gen 2 grill has small plastic clips you can release it off the metal radiator support but be careful them as I’ve snapped more than i can remmber and ended up screwing it in to stay

Just start taking stuff off and try to remember how to get it back on haha