G203 Faux F2 Nugget Nationals "Racer"

Howdy… its nice to see a forum still active. I miss build threads!

I am a Daihatsu tragic- first new car in my early 20s was a G200 5 door, and used a G201 Detomaso for club racing duties and still kick myself I sold that car.

Anyways I wanted to join the Nugget Nationals crew and go racing with them. Their rules are pretty simple… cars are mostly stock… 1500cc engine capacity… $3k purchase limit. I figured an F2 with its relatively light weight and rear discs would be a reasonable contender… and given I still had my sparco race seat and a set of race brake pads on the shelf, it wouldn’t take much to turn one into a decent racer.

I searched for ages… they rarely come up… or if they did, they were priced at a point I could not get it past the minister for finance. Then this jigger came up not far from home, and I did the deal $550. Bargain! Paint is rooted, but other than that at the time I thought she was pretty good value (still do… I think)

I don’t think its an actual F2… missing the stickers… and though the body kits has Daihatsu logos in it, it clearly was fitted by these guys

Once I got her home I gave her a service. Woweee… airfilter was horrendous… as were the spark plugs

A good mate had been using the wheels from the Detom on his cars, and struck a very generous deal so I could have them back. Gave her a wash (looks shiny if you don’t dry her!)

I also fitted one of my favourite steering wheels - off an ST162 Celica. Not perfect in terms of reach for the wiper/indicator stalks, and actually slightly bigger diameter than stock, but it feels nice.

That is how she stands now… she is off getting a roadworthy, along with new driveshafts and engine mounts… and then I will fit yellowspeed coilovers, some race parts, and hit the track!


Yeah, I love build threads. You have a great Dai and made a fantastic contribution with the write up. Build threads and not losing info into history puts the forum in a different league to FB, here you find depth rather than the shallow waters of social media. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more.

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