For all new people


Hi Paula, Welcome!


Hi All, new to this site, not really new to Dai…


Welcome bigbazza


hey all owner of two terios’s a 2001 manual hopfully soon to be turbo when i can find all the info i need and the second the wifes 2005 auto daily hoping that the brains trust of here might be abke to help cos i have been told so mant different things


Welcome Trevor


Hi new here based in vic just bought a cuore.
Basic rwc and rego tomorrow.
Looking to keep clean and legal with tasteful mods


Camden Syd Based.
Just bought a Move comming tomorrow.
Cheap Cheap , but needs a new motor ,
Looking for assistance a guidance , been a Dai fourm user for long time
Now back in the game.


Hi daimoo welcome.
What is wrong with the current motor in the move?


Hey , Lady said the head is gone , and doesnt start , but i have to inspect it and see myself. before i start thinking about motor conversion.


Hi All, I own a 2002 1.3l Sirion, I love the concept of the low mass and small engine, I’m going to give her some TLC, fix the rust spots, re-spray and transplant a K13-VET to give her a new lease of life! I reckon she’d make a sneaky sleeper.


hey team, I’m the happy owner of two l700 soon to be combined into one, live in australia but am from New Zealand


red one from toowoomba hey :slight_smile:


Posting an intro here to get access to workshop manuals. You can find my current project build here:

Got an L700 recently and catching up on that.


Hello all. I’m new to the Daihatsu world. I picked up a 93 Hijet S83P for running around on our property here in the Pacific Northwest of America. I love the little truck but need some help/advice on a few mechanical items. There is no mechanical within 500 miles of me who has any real experience so I’m wrenching myself. Excited to join the new group.


welcome scubasteve. Your name sounds so familiar but I cant place where from


Hi everyone, I am planing to pick up L700 Cuore later this year, joined to do some research on parts/mods as I’m planning to learn to mod/work on cars in general and have fun driving the little thing.


welcome Mate, look forward to seeing the l7 you get :slight_smile:


Hello, I am Thomas. I have own a Daihatsu L700 Cuore. I joined for research, parts and to be a part of the community.


welcome thomas


Hey, Chris from Western Australia here. Been on the FB group a bit but thought I’d check out the forum. I drive a 1986 L80 with the ED10. Might supercharge it or triple bike carb it.