For all new people


Hi Paula, Welcome!


Hi All, new to this site, not really new to Dai…


Welcome bigbazza


hey all owner of two terios’s a 2001 manual hopfully soon to be turbo when i can find all the info i need and the second the wifes 2005 auto daily hoping that the brains trust of here might be abke to help cos i have been told so mant different things


Welcome Trevor


Hi new here based in vic just bought a cuore.
Basic rwc and rego tomorrow.
Looking to keep clean and legal with tasteful mods


Camden Syd Based.
Just bought a Move comming tomorrow.
Cheap Cheap , but needs a new motor ,
Looking for assistance a guidance , been a Dai fourm user for long time
Now back in the game.


Hi daimoo welcome.
What is wrong with the current motor in the move?


Hey , Lady said the head is gone , and doesnt start , but i have to inspect it and see myself. before i start thinking about motor conversion.


Hi All, I own a 2002 1.3l Sirion, I love the concept of the low mass and small engine, I’m going to give her some TLC, fix the rust spots, re-spray and transplant a K13-VET to give her a new lease of life! I reckon she’d make a sneaky sleeper.


hey team, I’m the happy owner of two l700 soon to be combined into one, live in australia but am from New Zealand


red one from toowoomba hey :slight_smile: