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@b_hoves I 100% agreee

Ok so I got the springs today and by the looks of the front springs from the gc8 are going to be about spot on for what I need. If anything it maybe a little too stiff but will see how it goes. I do need to take a coil or 2 off them . 1 Coil is a definite so they will fit but I really think I should go back to the suzuki wagon r strut’s for the front and use the mira kings on those instead of the rsr’s. I had a proper look at the rsr’s today and they are a progressive spring in comparison to the king’s. That maybe why they were a bit stiffer when really pushing in the corner’s…
After I sort all that out I after I have to fix the dump pipe from the turbo as it is leaking, So I will use my thicker pipe and wel in a new section so I can get it more free flowing.


I played around with rear springs today and I actually like how the move looks atm I am waiting to drive it to see how it handles now but I think the back is definitely stiffer and the front sits a bit higher than the rear. I also made and hopefully fixed my dump pipe off the turbo and is now atleast 2 inch instead of stock mira size pipe.


Went out and got this running today I did a rope wheel alignment now that it is so tall and seems to be ok. I also had issues with the fan realy but seem to have that sorted. So after a little bit of driving this seems to handle better than before the strut bar seems to help also but different so I will need to get used to it but I can really feel the weight transfer in the corner’s now. The dump pipe being bigger well that has made a huge difference. Before when getting into 4th gear I could only boost to around 5 psi with this now I am getting 10 psi in 4th and it seems to have come alive alot more in the earlier gears also. I do have a little bit of a leak in the joiner (exhaust) but am not really to concerned but will need to attend to it I guess. The other issue I was having was an intercooler hose popping off. I have a temporary one on there at the moment which is thin and I dont think will last long so I best find a bit of radiator pipe that is the right size I guess and long enough,
All in all I am quite happy with it.


Oh also I am waiting to hear back from skid control in qld as I have a couple questions regarding a rally day they have up and coming. Depending on the answer’s (mainly 1) I will probably be entering to have a bit of fun on the dirt track.

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Looks like I got the answer’s I wanted and the move has now entered in this event.

Would be cool to see another l2d member out there. They do have a limit of 2 spectator’s per diver spot and you are allowed to have a passenger also.


Did a bit of an update via a vid as i was too lazy to type everything out. :slight_smile:


“Nearly 3’ of headroom…”. You could put in a mezzanine and seats up top and have a double decker.

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just about hahaha

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oooo a loft! fancy!


Here is a few pics from the rally day with skid control. I do have some footage of in car and a small video but I will Mash it all together and do a compliation as most of it is absolute rubbish.
A big thankyou to Luke who was brave enough to be my co-pilot and passenger for the day. He saved us coming off track a few times by giving me a hand signal or 2 if I was coming in to hot on a corner.
It unfortunately did not work when I came into a corner at about 100 when I should have been doing about 80 lol. We slid and bumped around but the Move did not fall. I think we were both waiting for it to be honest.
The shock and spring combo worked really great and while we were like 2 ball bearing being shook in a rattle can we had an absolte ball. We came of track a total of 2 times and quite a few “pray to jesus” moment’s that made you laugh like a school girl when we made it.
There was a mix of cars out on track from hyundai excel’s to a full track patrol and a 3cyl 6 speed buggy thing, a couple of commo’s, a volvo and some other’s
I really noticed that we were more competitive and faster on the sharter track than the bigger track but both had their own challenges and fun.
Subaru’s I would say were probably the quickest cars there as a whole as there was quite a few of them and the 4wd or awd that they have really works wel for them. in this environment.
I would not say the move was the slowest car there of the day but definatley not the quickest either, but I can say it did get alot of attention and I think it surprised a few people.
Came to the end of the day and the worst thing that happened was the battery died on me at one point and had to jump start it and from then on it it had a horrible hunt but was still good to go and after getting home I notice I snapped a radiator support which is fair really as it was a flimsy honda aluminium one from ebay that cost about $3.
I flogged the guts out of the move each time I went on track and it took it’s beating all day and survived good. I have ordered a new battery (mine is about 4 yrs old and only had a 12month warrenty) and if it’s not that I will replace another alternator as I have a few here.
All in all a great day that I recommend anyone to have a go at for just the shear fun of it. They dont have lap timer’s or anything so you cn use an app if you really want but we just had fun.
Fun it was!


Woo hoo Jimmy!

Next, bitumen khanacross 18th August? https://www.hsccq.com/index.php/event/hsccq-khanacross1/?eID=89

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Looks like awesome fun!

what is the difference between khanacross and motorkhana? I have honsetly not gone into too much as I dont really understand the whole cams thing too much. Everytime i have read through things in the past i have usually got myself confused with everything. even that one I went to see you at ( was a great day btw) when it came to filling out passenger forms the old guy at the table that your uncle and I saw seemed as if he didnt even want us to fill out anything or be a passenger and was pretty much telling us we couldn’t. That was why I didn’t bother on the day I know your uncle went back and filled out and signed and just left it on the table and got to be passenger, but it really put me off.
Right at the moment I dont feel I want to commit to a club. If this is a have a go day I may do it but the entry form asks for cam license details etc but says there are a few day licenses available on the day so I dont really understand it it is a come and try day.

khanacross is longer than motokhana. Often second gear and speeds are not supposed to exceed 80km/h. It is a course you have to remember and you times are the addition of four runs at each. There is a start and finish garage. Often there are only two different tests on the day so you get at least runs though I find I get in twelve. This is largely what the Liberty is set up for. Helmet required. Not allowed to take passengers except for untimed sighting laps.

Below is my last run of the easier of the tests a the last event.


Here is a harder course as it takes some remembering. This was last year. Might look a bit dull but the car has really good lateral grip. Others doing times like mine are doing so with lots of sliding around.

Motokana is a tight course like the day you came out. You get two runs at each test with the fastest counting. Think all first gear and some reverse tests at times. Could be eight different tests on a day and there is a trick to remembering. I get dizzy if I think about where I am as per the course map. But I am okay if I remember the patterns of turning (left 180 left right 360 left right and so on). A handbrake can be of use, cable type really don’t cut it. In the Liberty I put my stickest Hankooks semi slicks 80tw on the front and some Kumho 400tw on the back and can usually just keep the thing sliding. No helmet needed. Passengers okay.

Day lic is not a big deal. I can help with the sign in “bump” and get the right person to help out.

yeh khanacross looks like it would be more of my style. Motorkhana while it looks awesome I think I would struggle in the move and in my head haha. Hand brake is really terrible as it is and I dont think it would cut it even if it woked good.
I will see how I go after the 20th of this month as I want to see if I can get the move into the 16’s at the drags and get back to you. Does the club hold alot of khana cross thoughout a year etc? At this point I’m sort of wanting to maybe go in 3-4 events per year maximum. Depending on car and finances obviously. :slight_smile:

Khanacross is four events. The championship is three events. Two more to go. One is the interclub in Oct and will be a big fast field. The next one is smaller.

HSCC or Holden Sporting Car Club probably was once a marque club. However, it has nothing to do with Holden these days. In Qld it is the Motokhana and Khanacross club. I do like being in a non-marque club as it has an entry level competition focus, a well above average children and family membership, and there is a good mix of people. The club puts money back into things for members with paying some entry fees to bigger events, updating timing equip or the Christmas party. Price wise I think our events are the cheapest around and same for running costs of vehicles.

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Finally got this one to work a bit better. I will put another incar vid up with me doing a little slide on the track and stop on the track when I get to it. I did have a rear view one of a subaru coming off behind me but I accidently deleted the wrong vid and tried many times to recuva it but it just didnt happen unfortunately.
Enjoy this one :slight_smile: