EF head onto EJ block, How To Do?


Just curious how one would go about putting an EF-EL head onto an EJ-DE botoom end? i have heard one of the oil gallery’s needs to be block up somehow but am more curious how one would go about wiring it all up, use the EF ECU and Harness or ???


The EJ head is much better than the EF, not sure why you would


I imagine these would be used with the ef ecu and loom as the ef ecu revs higher than the ejde ecu’s > I would have said ask Danny Bourke but he has an aftermarket ecu. I imagine it is done for the bigger block benefits and if the mira was an ef originally then there is no need for different wiring.


EF-EL is a really poor design and so are the manifolds. Most crack between the valve seats. ECUs like a megasquirt are cheap and there is a huge amount of support for installation. A better ecu alone will improve things out of sight by removing the “bottle neck” in the performance equation and bang for buck will be the best thing you’ve ever done.


as stated, it’s more for curiosity as my local wreckers has just gotten both an L201 and L200 in stock. the L201 has an ED10 4 speed, no head on motor but the bottom end, near new full set of tyres, box etc is there, with reasonable looking driveshafts (something i need) and also has a factory black dash (which i want :open_mouth: ) the L200 is complete EF-EL 5 speed (which i also need) sweet changing 5 speed ( mine is hardish to put into 1st and 2nd and crunches 5th) good shafts and suspension all round (mine has a knock on the lhs front). i am hoping to buy the L200 as i also need lower control arms as one of mine has split the ball joint rubber boot and was thinking mainly what fun i could have mucking around with the spare bits as they also have a few M100 Sirions i could get an EJ-DE from pretty cheap. who know’s, i might buy the ED10 instead of an EJ and slowbuild an 850 " Franken" motor instead if i can afford to :wink: as i said “Curiosity” only , 850cc or 989cc Franken Motor for a bit of cheap fun :+1::+1::ok_hand::ok_hand::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Another thought is putting an EJ head onto the EF bottom end for twin cam 660cc. Not knowing much about either motors, the oil gallery that gets blocked off if using EF head on EJ block, is it in the block or the head itself? As I imagine the same would have to be done if doing this conversion also. Has anyone ever measured the head combustion chamber capacities of either before? Wonder what the compression ratio would be :thinking:


This makes sense as any Franken motor is really only changing the bottom end not the loom :thinking:


there is a twin cam 660cc already which is an ef/gl. they use a carby however and an ecu for ignition as they have no dizzy. I did have one years ago but sold it due to not using it. the setup of the block’s is pretty much the same as the ejde as in the water pump and that oil gallery. Not sure if the heads have the same clearances as an ejde but I suppose you could try to put an ej head on one of those for a 660cc twincam efi or even just see if any of the intakes for ej or ef fit?


Have seen in the L501 manuals the EF-GL​:thinking: might be worth looking at. Any knowledge of the EF-DET? As I know the turbo exhaust manifold bolts straight onto the EJ-DE head, silly me sold the one i had :frowning: thinking more of doing this now as have already got EJ wiring setup, “Hopefully” :joy::joy: would only required minor tuning adjustments to allow for smaller capacity bottom end​:thinking::thinking::thinking:


If higher rpm and turbo is what you want, why not use EJ pistons in the EF bottom end? Or k3ve pistons, they are just factory cast type so nothing special. I have k3ve pistons in my ve2, and I am 80,000 km later. It still sings strongly.


more just tinkering with what i will have and seeing what will work on the cheap side Dale, local wreckers will sell an EJ for $150 and will have an EF sitting here early in new year :slight_smile:


For higher rpm I have for my build short GSXR600 pistons and have spoken to Argo about custom rods. The longer rods will allow higher revs without relatively higher piston speed. Plus the lighter forged piston allow higher revs too.