Current Daihatsu models


Below is a current link to Japanese domestic and export Daihatsu offereings. At the end is a visual treat of some classics.


Omg I want a coo and a wake and a thor and… more


I want the Cabbie HiJet


I want a naked turbo!


Soo many things have been left unsaid lol


A Fellow please. But not just one, a swag of them. One original, one space frame mid mount bike engine…

Or a new Mira or an Esse (because it’s so bizzare and bland). I have quite enjoyed reading the pdf on them and looking at the wild options. An Esse in blue please, with all the blue interior highlights.


Amid many dull vehicles at the 2017 Tokyo was one make that punched above its belt and eschewed the trend to bring/push EV and automomous cars to this years show.

I give you the Daihatsu DN Compagno


Note it’s intended market is for those about to retire whom want to still have fun in life.



I actually really like this out of all the crap to come out 2017.


2017 Production summary


Daihatsu Concept being shown in 2018

Damn I like that DN Compano.


Some how I missed the release of this Boon Sporza last year. Said to be a “car for women”? Well everyone’s missus should have one, “honey, I’m taking your car - again!”.


A kick back to a 2013 concept vehicle.


Electric 1+1 Daihatsu Pico concept


Daihatsu Mira Tocot

A three-cylinder 660 CC aspirated (52 HP, 60 Nm) in combination with the CVT, front-or all-wheel drive. The top awd model is about $11 000 (prob US dollars).


In an unusual name Tocot encrypted phrase To Character (“character”), Comfortableness (“comfort”) and To Convenience (“convenience”). The Japanese claim that the design was attracted by a group of ladies, working in various departments Daihatsu: their ideas have helped to make the machine simple, but beautiful, comfortable and safe. That is suitable for a relaxed and confident driving.


I think i really like it :slight_smile:


Aesthetically it works well and has a shape that will endure. Two door for me please (I don’t think they do one).


I will take the 4 door :slight_smile:


I’d have a four door too. Kind of want a 2dr van and one of these would be a great basis.


The DN Compano hits all the right spots with me too.

Copen owner but I’d trade in a heartbeat.

Currently considering a Wake as they’ve recently arrived in Sydney…


the Tocot looks like an updated version of the L500 Classic which has been really starting to grow on me lately due to it’s quirky looks. A good set of wheels and a two tone paint job would have this really going off i reckon.