Charade Gti G200 here


Hi there,

A 1996 Charade G200 Gti from the Netherlands has joined.
Just using this forum to learn more about Daihatsu, especially the charade G200 gti’s. I am already searching for a HD-E workshop manual, cant find it for sale anywhere :frowning:



Welcome Tim


welcome Tim.
Should find some info in here somewhere and there may even be a manual or 2.


welcome :slight_smile: another dutchie :smiley:


Hi, people who have manuals for sale or just people who have them? I need to replace my headgasket somewhere around the beginning of next year so it could be handy to have one around. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum Timmeh :slight_smile: Is your GTi a smiley or non smiley? Sorry Australia didn’t get those :frowning: make a thread in the Dai Street Life section of the build threads when you can, got a soft spot for charades :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


It’s a black none smiley with the blinkers in the bumper. Thanks, i will make a thread later on :+1:


G’day mate, welcome to the forum.


welcome to the forum!