Charade G201 1.6 Gti 16v


Hey there,

decided to open a thread for my Charade Gti.
What you are going to see here is mainly some basic stuff to make her roadworthy again.

Also started this as a request from @Mokeman


Replaced front brake pads + rotors yesterday:

But now I’m running into some serious issues for the rear break rotors, at the dealership they told me in whole Europe the brake rotors we’re not available anymore. The rear is a bearing, hub and rotor in one. And when you order this a an regular parts store you run into this problem:


Cool car! sorry I can’t help with the brakes.

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Back pads + oem rotors came in, thanks to Natan from the daihatsu performance enthousiasts facebook page. 15540327708408918116776637911882|375x500

If anyone knows the torque specs for the central nut please let me know.