CB23/CB24 modifications & upgrades


Now i know the usual answer will be to upgrade to the 4 cylinder, but i love the CB24 in my charade for two main reasons, carby, and 3 cylinders.
I’m currently in the process of modifying and fitting an air filter that was originally made for a classic mini, but just want to know what other modifications or upgrades some of you may have done or heard of.


Tighe Cams do various grinds for them, Kemotorsport has efi manifolds, if budget allows look at either a turbo or supercharger.


2 inch exhaust and lightened flywheel make a huge difference.


Where did you get a lightened flywheel from? I can’t find any aftermarket flywheels out there


I took the stock one to an awesome machinist. He lightened it for me. Any machine shop should be able to do it for you. I have been few different ones in the past.