Bought my first car


Just signed up to say hi and post a pic.


Wow, nice and straight! Looks great. The red seems flawless. Please keep that factory front and don’t be tempted by the pseudo retro Gino. Not sure you can do it legally where you live, but the best upgrade is a GTVI front drive train (K3VE engine and the discs and rotors too).

Glad you’ve joined us.


welcome Ivan the L7 looks really nice and clean! I agree with Mr Gormsby also please keep the original front.


Thanks! I’m planning to keep it pretty much stock, as I love the look of the l700. Only thing I plan on doing visually is changing the wheels to trevis wheels.


Welcome, and indeed the red looks very good on this l7. If some more dutchies joined we could do a dai meetup :grinning:


Welcome Ivan, tidy looking L700 you have there